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Performance Reviews:

“...a vociferously engaged presence on the scene.”

– The Vile Blog: Theatre & Culture from Scotland, February 2013

“...outspoken, fearless and danceable.”

– Nalo Hopkinson, Canadian writer, Toronto, November 2012

“In Spanish their name translates to 'female fox' or 'vixen,' but for alt/art group Zorras, the meaning is pure performance magic. Zorras lives up to its foxy namesake with stories ripe with sexuality, gender and sly humour.” 

– Serafin LaRiviere, Xtra!, Toronto/Ottawa, October 2011

“...though I’d seen Zorras on video and heard Zorras on CD, I’d never experienced them live. They were fantastic. Personable, talented, spontaneous, and crowd-pleasing.”

– Stuart Ross, Canadian writer, Cobourg, October 2011

“Zorras blew the crowd away with their splendid mix of poetry, film, singing and music. Words of great insight and humour, fantastic stage presence; they rocked the house. Looking around the happy, smiling, enraptured faces of the crowd, overhearing the accolades, it’s clear that Zorras were a complete hit with both me and the rest of the audience.”

– Lysander Dove, wotever world, London, August 2011

“They make me do a bit of a sex wee.”

– K Anderson, London musician, May 2011

“...much of the brilliance of Zorras comes from the integration of the separate elements of their work. The parts alone would be incredible enough... As a whole, something really special happens.”

– Rachel McCrum, Inky Fingers, Edinburgh, April 2011

“..a live show like nothing else.”

– Ste McCabe, Queers Make Music, Manchester, April 2011

“These last couple of years Zorras have been like a breath of fresh air in Edinburgh's poetry scene, raising the bar of what's possible, bringing a much needed experimental avant-garde approach to performance art... inspirational and entertaining.”

– Kevin Williamson, founder of Rebel Inc., Edinburgh, January 2011

“The highlight of the evening... spellbinding.”

– The Aberdeen Voice, Aberdeen, October 2010

“A very unique mix of poetry, music, stories and just plain weird. The poetry was sharp and funny, the placement effective, the visuals fitting; a rather unforgettable experience... At some point after Zorras, I turned to someone I had met at the festival and said 'How the hell do you follow that?'”

– Ultimate Metal, Edinburgh, Autumn 2009

“...utterly mind-blowing. Their show was accompanied by a slide-show, compiled and presented by (Alland and) Ariadna Battich, which was...projected onto a white sheet hung on one wall of the hall.

It gave the often surreal display...a distorted and twisted aspect, which brought out a sense of a warped world. For me, Zorras were the highlight of the evening and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.”

– Wisrutta Atthakor, The F-Word: Contemporary UK Feminism, Autumn 2009

“The place is rammed...and the show does not disappoint. Reminiscent of Miranda July and complemented by a deadpan delivery, Alland's words are at once both drolly funny and sweetly strange.”

– Lock Up Your Daughters Magazine, Glasgow, Spring 2009


“This is not My Coming Out Poem of Pain, this is Sandra Alland's brilliant Beckett cut-ups...The images come so fast you sometimes feel like a Slinky falling down the stairs, yet the emotion and intention are clear, moving, and often funny...”

– The Skinny, 4-star review, Edinburgh/Glasgow, December 2007

CD Reviews:

“...epiphanic and beautiful...haunting.” 

– Canadian Review of Literature in Performance, Montreal, September 2012

“Check out their shows, invite them to your town!” 

– Black Coffee Poet, Toronto, September 2011

“...a sweet mix of song, poetry, storytelling and audio art...mock-dramatic deconstructions of relationships gone awry break into awesome stretches of scat singing, acoustic beat-boxing accompanies a rap woven from a melange of languages and images, sung choruses punctuating the words.”

– Canadian Review of Literature in Performance, Montreal, May 2011


“(Zorras) do a great job of injecting humor into their poetry and are the first spoken-word group to have actually captured my interest. Also, I was intrigued by their song about someone stealing avocados by shoving them down her pants.”

– Mia Jones, AfterEllen.com, LA/New York,
“Your Weekly Women To Listen To”, March 2011

“My favourite Edinburgh music ensemble, full-stop.”

– Ste McCabe, Dandelion Radio, Manchester, September 2010

“...a more experimental take on spoken word performance than your average word-spitter. Zorras deliver their musical stories bilingually, mixing text, sound poetry, percussion, guitar, megaphones, singing and projected visual images. Though I'd wager their live performance is more true to their artistic vision than an audio recording, they are still interesting on CD, mixing it up between more musical numbers like the guitar-folk 'Nest' and more radio-dramatized pieces like 'Here's To Wang.' I personally love the 'In the Details' spoken interludes, humorous musings on the idiosyncrasies of the Bulgarian language.”

– Curve Magazine, San Francisco, February 2010

“After listening to experimental music for a number of years, it becomes very rare to come across something which truly sounds new to you, so Zorras came to me as a real breath of fresh, seaside air. The Scotland based act describe themselves as "Poetry-music weirdness fusion. With megaphones”, and that is honestly the best way to describe them. The main composition of their music is very quirky, sharp spoken poetry over percussion box or guitar accompaniment.... The highlight of the album for me is in the final track "Head Games” featuring very interesting abstract poetry and hilarious vocal performances from both members. Makes me laugh every time I hear it.”

– Avant-Garde Metal, Edinburgh, December 2009


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