Zorras, in partnership with Scottish Transgender Alliance, present
Cachín Cachán Cachunga!
Queer & Trans* Cabaret
4th Anniversary!

Thursday, 21 February, 2013 @ 7pm

12 Kings Court, Glasgow, G1 5RB




amphibia, Jay Bernard, Liz Cronin, El Dia,

Tom Harlow, Jo Long, Julie McNamara, Sally Outen,
Lola Sparkle
and Elizabeth Veldon


Hosted by Sandra Alland and Nathan Gale
Short films by T.L. Cowan and Dandy F.

Plus AV Performance by l.Björn!


Performer & Filmmaker Bios


Amphibia is a dynamic music and spoken word project between French virtuoso percussionist Stéphane Roul and Bermudian poet and performer Andra Simons. They merge the immediacy of poetry with the power and magic of theatre; the captured energies of jazz, blues and rock infused with the comic and the tragic truly are an event you have to experience. Photos and video: http://andrasimons.wordpress.com/amphibia/ Amphibia’s collection of tales of modern mayhem and muses has been enhanced with the spellbinding images and art of Joao Trindade. http://www.joaotrindade.com/. (Photo by Robert Piwko.)


Jay Bernard was born in London to a sweet couple later terrorised by their bat-shit lesbian child. She won the London Respect Slam (2004) and is the recipient of a Foyle Young Poets award (2005). Her first pamphlet "Your Sign is Cuckoo, Girl" (2008) was the Poetry Book Society's pamphlet choice for summer that year. She was the 2012 writer-in-residence at the Arts House and National University of Singapore. Her next collection "English Breakfast" is forthcoming in 2013. Jay has read at festivals and venues such as Latitude, Spit Lit, Queer Up North, Singapore Writers Festival, the London Literature Festival, the Royal Opera House and the London Lesbian and Gay film festival. She is a zinester, graphic artist and blogger who can be found at: brrnrrd.wordpress.com. (Photo by Yemisi Blake.)


T.L. Cowan is a nomad, writer, performer and video-maker, currently based in Brooklyn. Her ongoing performance and video cycles include The Twisted She Project — an intermedial collaborative collage that explores themes of perversion, popularity and pathology Forgiving Medjugorje — a meditation on sex, religion, reconciliation and money — and the GLITTERfesto: An Open Call For A Revolutionary Movement Of Activist Performance Based On The Premise That Social Justice is Fabulous. Primarily a cabaret artist, T.L. uses quasi-autobiographical material, alter-ego based performance and absurdist montage to pursue her obsession with the comedy, horror, humiliation, politics and pleasures associated with contemporary queer femininity. Also a curator and academic, T.L. has created many performance extravaganzas of radical queer and feminist art. She teaches feminist and queer performance, literary and visual cultural studies at Eugene Lang College at The New School in New York City. (Photo courtesy of the artist.)


Liz Cronin
is a worrier princess. She will mumble, she will curse, she will blow your mind with her singing and sensational lyrics.


Angela “El Dia” Martinez Dy is a poet & writer, scholar/educator and radical cyberfeminist femmecee. An original member of isangmahal arts kollective (1997-2005), seminal voice for the millennial Asian American spoken word and performance movement, she later co-founded Youth Speaks Seattle, Seattle’s premier spoken word organization for youth, and served as its program director from 2005-2009. Born and raised in Seattle, USA with her heart in her parents’ hometown of Manila, Philippines, Angela is now based in Nottingham, UK, pursuing a PhD that explores her interest in the Digital Age from an intersectional feminist perspective. Co-creator and primary writer at Sisters of Resistance (www.sistersofresistance.org), an anti-imperialist pro-vegan radical queer feminist grime and hip-hop blog, she is continually merging art, politics and activism through collaborative projects with an international network. Find her online at www.eldiadia.com or @eldiadia. (Photo by Lukasz Lukowski.)


Dandy F. is a trans* queer artist/activist with an over-active imagination and under-active thyroid (these two things are rarely mutually compatible). Spending most of their days in the cold hard recesses of Aberdeen, their main focus lies with filmmaking. However, they occasionally dabble in the odd photographic venture, as well as playing rad feminist-acoustic tunes at local gigs. Unapologetically anti-Tory and An Angry Feminist, most of their work is inspired by queer politics and being ridiculously left-wing. Preferring books to the rest of the world, they spend most of their time indoors, having formed a successful, long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with their sofa. May or may not hate people.


Tom Harlow, the only boy made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Tom Harlow is a male burlesque/"Boylesque" performer and cabaret singer. He is a trained singer, actor and dancer and has training in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance along with classical and musical theatre vocal training. He has been performing since Dec 2010 and has performed all over the UK, delighting audiences with his manly moves and boyish good looks. Some highlights include Kabarett, Confusion is Sex and Dolly Tartan Presents. He is winner of London’s Boylesque Idol. www.tomharlowboylesque.com (Photo by feelwhatisee photography.)


l.Björn/Ania Urbanowska is a film director, writer, editor and visual artist based in Edinburgh. Ania moved to the artistic hub of Scotland to pursue directing in 2007, and has since participated in many independent film projects in a wide range of rolesAnia has written, produced and directed shorts including Cheat (2009/2010), Trusted (2010) and Stuck (2011). In addition, she has produced and contributed photography and film work to a number of visual events including Polish Art Scotland and LGBT History Month (Scotland). In her work Ania engages with subjects including the power of human subconsciousness, coincidence, sexuality, gender and fear. (Photo by Joanna Tokarska.)


Jo Long sings tenor with choirs and solo. Jo loves music, enjoys meeting old friends and making new ones in company with Rolo her guide dog. She will sing Una Furtiva Lagrima (A Furtive Tear) by Donizetti.


Julie McNamara's work is a passionate appeal for social justice. She seeks out excluded voices in the margins of our communities, revealing some uncomfortable truths. The exclusion of people with mental health issues and learning difficulties at every level of public life is one that she is deeply passionate to change. Her writing, her theatre making, indeed all of her creative work is driven by that intention. Constantly accused of saying the unsayable, she would admit that social skills are not her forte. The work speaks for itself. "Julie McNamara is an amazing artist, a fantastic teller of tales and singer of songs. She took control as soon as she stepped onstage in a stunning performance. Julie does not just play characters on stage, she becomes them, delivering stories and poems with a power and intimacy which is daunting." (MAGNUM ARTS The Citadel). http://www.juliemc.com/ (Photo by Michele Martinoli.)


Sally Outen is an Oxford-based stand-up comic and transfeminist activist. She began to develop her routine in 2010 as part of queer feminist burlesque collective Lashings of Ginger Beer Time, performing at cabaret nights, carnivals, festivals, and pride events. Remaining with Lashings for their productions at the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, she also brought her own full-length stand-up show – Sally Outen: Non-Bio? – to the Fringe in 2011, going on to perform similar sets at Cutlery Drawer events in London, Cambridge and Brighton soon afterwards. Unashamedly PC, her comedy is strongly informed by her politics: through her trademark geekery, bizarre flights of reality, and the odd dinosaur impression, Sally provides a case for why she may - possibly - be an acceptable human being after all. (Photo by Andrew Gray.)


Lola Sparkle is a radical bisexual genderqueer femme-slut anarko-princess. Part-time fairy godmother, she also works as a glitter terrorist, spreading sparkle wherever she goes. In various levels of dis/guise, she has performed, spoken, modelled and danced at political, artistic and charity events in London and elsewhere. Wigs are cool, yeah. Previous work in this or any other incarnation include: strip-storytelling at Holly Hayes' Clam Club, performance BDSM at the Leicester Square Theatre, performance installation at Riot Cabaret for Wotever, drag boi-lesque at Barelesque for the Albert Kennedy Trust. She has a secret passion for gogo dancing which explores Queer Femme identity in a performative sense. Because becoming a femme maybe kinda sort of saved her life. A bit. She will develop a new piece of neo-burlesque for CCC, which may touch on any or all of the above themes. And probably something about cats. 


Elizabeth Veldon is a noise artist working mainly with samples, feedback and sine waves. Her work focuses on landscape, myth and issues of queer and feminist theory. She considers her music to be a form of activism. Elizabeth began publishing her music online a year and a half ago, and since has appeared on several labels including red venice, dark meadow, ilse, dreamdark, philosophy records, sigil of brass, altered states and class war karaoke. http://soundcloud.com/elizabethveldon (Photo by gil caven.)


Host Bios

Sandra Alland
is a writer, performer, filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist. She is one of the co-founders of
Cachín Cachán Cachunga! and has been its curator for the past four years. Sandra has published three books of poetry and a chapbook of short fiction. Her films have screened internationally, and she has toured her work in UK, Europe, Mexico, Bermuda, United States and Canada. www.blissfultimes.ca

Nathan Gale is a gay disabled transgender artist who thought LGBT was a checklist. He joined Scottish Transgender Alliance as a development worker last year after completing his legal education. As a member of the b)other collective of queer disabled and Deaf artists Nathan had his poetry and photography shown at a seminal exhibition exploring art and human rights at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow. He is proud to have performed at DaDafest, Cachín Cachán Cachunga! Queer and Trans* Cabaret, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and Wigstockel in Berlin. (Photo by Chris Scott.)




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Cachín Cachán Cachunga! Queer & Trans* Cabaret is funded by its partner, Scottish Transgender Alliance. CCC 2013 has also been made possible through funding from the LGBT History Month Cultural Events Fund which is managed by LGBT Youth Scotland. Funding for this has been provided by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.